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One of the Best Traditional Thai Massage in southern Alberta.
Our clinic are Open every day 9:00 Am - 6:00 Pm online booking are available

We offer a full scope of orthodontic treatments, and some additional services unique to our practice:
* Traditional and ceramic braces
* Invisalign aligners - the "clear alternative" to braces!
* SpeedBraces - elastic-free appliances for an energized smile

Direct Dental Hygiene is your connection to your health via your oral health.

Welcome to Dental Works! Your Lethbridge Dental Clinic

Dr. Kevin Goth has a passion for dentistry and is committed to making your dental experience a positive one.

Smile is something that holds the power to fetch wide attention within a very short span of time. If you are going for Dental Implants in Calgary, it sounds good since it does not only help you to get confident but also lift up the quality of life too.

If you’ve ever felt too shy to join a public class, have a busy schedule, want to gain more flexibility, have an injury, are an athlete, suffer from anxiety or insomnia..etc, Skype Yoga is for you! Now you can soak up the benefits of yoga from the privacy of your own home.