NitroFlex - Home Gym


Mint condition Nitroflex hydraulic home gym.
The one machine that does it all, when it comes to toal body strength trainging.
The German engineered Nitro cell provides true wieght resistance through the entire range of motion.
Providing weights stacks from 2- 250lbs of pressure
Giving you the fastest, most efficent strength training workout you've ever had.
There's no changing of wieghts or wieght stacks. No moving from machine to machine.
Each change over takes only seconds.
Allowing you to do a Total Body Workout with 10 exercies
and to be done in about 10 - 15 minutes.
Unlike a tradition gym set, this is safer as you'll never find yourself being crushed by heavy barbell/dumbbell sets, or in need of a spotter.
Works by compressing the nitrogen gas in the cylinder that sits on the arm above the bench.
The greater the amount of compression, the more resistance and thus a greater work load for the muscle being exerted.

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Lethbridge, AB T1K 3R2