Looking for Investment Opportunities

Hello, my name is Brandie.
This ad is my attempt to catch your attention in hopes that you (or someone you know) are selling some real estate or a business.

Perhaps you are annoyed by your tenants, or the hike in interest rates are too much to bear.
Or, maybe you are downsizing and need to get rid of some of your investment properties.

My husband and I are actively looking for realistic sellers that would like to put a deal together.
We are looking for properties such as a 4-plex or larger (commercial property included) that has at least a 7% cap rate. It is nice if it is located in Lethbridge - we will consider other locations too though.

You can work with us on your time frame, we are willing to discuss various timing and funding options.
Please email or give me a call. My husband and I are two individuals working hard to find ways to get ahead.

Thanks for reading through. Feel free to share my contact information with your friend who is selling as well.
We do have experience with private sales.

Lethbridge, AB