One year old
Lethbridge PAW Society
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Cubby was only eight weeks old when he was discovered in someone's garage. Placed in a foster-home, he thrived, but a couple of months later, his left eye began to look sore. After several rounds of treatment, the eye did not significantly improve and we were then referred to a veterinary ophthalmologist in Calgary. The diagnosis was anterior uveitis. As this can go on to cause significant problems for a cat, the specialist's recommendation was to remove Cubby's eye. Our primary care veterinarian in Lethbridge performed the surgery in June, 2019, and all went smoothly. His eye has now completely healed. To be certain that the condition was not caused by an underlying condition, Cubby was screened for FeLK, FIV, FIP and eye cancer. All laboratory tests were negative.

It would be difficult to find a more tender and loving little fellow! Says foster mom, "he is full of love". He will sleep on your bed, purr and snuggle any chance he gets. Foster mom also says he is in his gangly teenager stage at the moment, with long legs and feet too big for him. But he will grow into them! His integration with other cats was seamless. He would be a great playmate for another cat. No matter what you are doing: reading, watching TV or working on your computer, as long as he is near you, he is content. He's not shy about accompanying you to any room in the house - even inviting himself into the washroom. He is a dedicated cuddle-bug with an "advanced play drive" - meaning he is active, happy and healthy - what more could you wish for in a new little family member?