Sixteen months old
Lethbridge PAW Society
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Rebecca was eking out an existence behind a business in north Lethbridge. She was one of many living in a colony. Several cats from the colony had been sterilized in 2016 but more had joined the colony since then. It only takes one unspayed female to explode the numbers of a colony. Rebecca doesn't fit the 'look' of the cats in the colony, so we aren't sure if she was born there. Initially, we thought she was mther of Adah (see separate profile) but she looked too young; this was confirmed when she didn't go into a heat cycle for about three months. When she was spayed, the veterinarian said she hadn't birthed kittens previously. We felt that, since she was so young, it would be better to give her a safe, indoor life rather than be returned to the colony.

Rebecca is shy. We don't really like the term feral as it's often used in a negative way to label any and all cats who happen to be homeless. It's true though, she may never have had a home or, if she did, it may have been brief. Indoor life has suited her well. She gets along great with all the other cats. Colony cats, also referred to as community cats, know how to make cat-relationships work which makes them wonderful companions for other cats. As far as 'taming up' Rebecca, this is going to be a process - a labour of love, if you will. It takes time and patience, maybe even a few years, for shy cats to learn to trust people. Interacting through play is the key to gaining a shy cat's trust. Rebecca absolutely loves to play with string toys - anything that moves or flies around. When she wants to play or if she thinks it's time for a bite to eat, she will come looking for her foster mom, make direct eye contact, then trot away expectantly, leading the way to her room: her safe place, her play zone. She's very easy to satisfy.