Three years old
Lethbridge PAW Society
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Food allergies

A young cat was seen in obvious distress between two lanes of traffic on one of those brutally cold days in mid December, 2016. A PAW member just happened to be first on-scene. Our member prefers to think the driver who hit the young cat didn't realize what had happened. Anyway, there she was, a little gray cat hunched on the road, bleeding from her mouth and nose and crying loudly. Had she not received immediate help, she would have quickly succumbed to exposure and shock or been hit again. Another driver helped stop traffic and little "Peggy" was gently placed on our member's front car seat and driven just a block to Highlands Pet Hospital. They admitted her immediately and, although she didn't appear to have injuries to limbs or torso, her head had taken a hit. Further observation revealed a broken hard palate and soft tissue injury to her soft palate. Her teeth, miraculously, were in tact. She had a deep gash under her chin.

Cats are amazing survivors, aren't they? After four days at the clinic, Peggy was discharged with pain medication, an anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. Of course, we'll never know how long Peggy had been homeless before she was scooped off the road - but it was obvious she hadn't eaten in awhile or, for that matter, had shelter. She was very thin and had frost bite along the tip of her left ear. After three weeks in her foster home, her eating finally slowed. She has been spayed, "just a teeny-tiny uterus", said her vet, vaccinated and treated for ear mites. It took about six weeks for her to regain her kitten-energy. She's now very active and can entertain herself for quite some time with her favourite toys (springs, sponge balls, the bathtub). She poofed up the first time she saw the little resident dog, but that was over in about a minute. It's fun to see a cat's personality emerge. Two of her foster cat roommates keep her entertained, but she's got lots of stamina and can even out-do them in energetic play. She would enjoy a playmate who can keep up to her but she'd be totally fine as an only child too. Adorable Peggy is going to be a devoted little friend for some lucky person.