Six years old
PAW Society
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Sasha is what we call a ‘house panther’: all black, she slinks along the carpets, looking for her prey; finding a helpless victim sitting on the couch, she launches herself, her razor-sharp claws extended--- Wait a minute... Sasha doesn’t have claws. That’s right. This poor girl was de-clawed at some point, then found herself lost or abandoned outside, without the best defence a cat has. So she’s not very fierce. About six years old, Sasha doesn’t slink, she moves carefully, a little unsure. The only hunting she does is of her toys, especially a fun string-toy. And when she sees a person on a couch, the only attack she’ll make is on the person’s attention. She’s a lap-cat, and loves to be petted. She does pretend to be a mighty predator – while watching birds through a window – while the only prey she brings down is the food in her bowl, but she finishes that off with gusto. With excellent hygiene, what the law of the jungle means to Sasha is ‘only the cleanest survives’. Meet Sasha, and you may be turning this house-panther into a home-panther!