Seven and a half years old
PAW Society
Adoption Fee: 

Spottie was found as a two year old stray in the London Road area in 2013. It's always difficult to understand why such nice cats end up homeless. He was in a foster home for a couple of years, went on to be adopted in 2016, but sadly, was returned through no fault of his in May, 2017. He's currently sharing his foster home with Millicent, another PAW foster kitty.

In the words of his experienced foster guardians --"Spottie is a very well-rounded cat: well behaved & mild mannered. Nevertheless, he can get restless and thus demands attention from people at regular intervals – preferably by rubbing his haunches, hips and bum [against you]! He’ll also show affection by rubbing his nose and muzzle against you, even hopping on his hind legs to give you a nose-bump; he shows a lot of his affection through his mouth – and sometimes gets carried away with a little nip. His purr has a masculine rumble to it, and it is quite easy to get it going if he’s in the mood and you rub the right spots. If you get to know his patterns, he will play with a string toy, but you must be very patient: he’s a stalker, pouncer and chewer. Like any good cat, Spottie enjoys bright sunny days and a nice, sun spot to lay and clean himself in. We occasionally take him on walks outside around the house [with a harness and leash]." They started doing this because they felt he was missing having a playmate. His buddy, Noah, another PAW foster cat, was adopted a few months ago and his current roomie, Millicent, does not want to wrestle and play with him. Spottie would love to have another playful cat in his life. He would also enjoy having a safe outdoor space like a catio.

For entertainment, Spottie loves cat grass; his foster parents say he is a "happy camper" when there's a steady supply. He also enjoys thicker paper (newspaper and such) to tear into and pounce on. He's a fun little fellow.