Harold and Buddy

Five months old
PAW Society
Adoption Fee: 

Harold and Buddy and their sister, Li'l Lady, were found at about two weeks of age in an abandoned dump truck after it had been moved. Sadly, efforts to locate their mom were unsuccessful. The three babies were in good condition and joined another couple of orphaned kittens, all needed a nursing mother cat. They were placed with Miss Mew (an owned cat) who had lost her own kittens through an unsuccessful caesarian section. Giving Miss Mew the opportunity to mother these little orphans helped her both physically and emotionally. She was a superb mom to every one of her little adopted charges.

Brothers are marvelous things. Look at Harold and Buddy, grey and white boys not quite five months old. To the eye, they could be hard to tell apart and, indeed, they have their similarities. They both play hard, with energy to spare – they are kittens, after all – but they are both big into cuddle-time too. But no brothers are identical, no matter how they look. Harold is the more out-going: he wants to be in the action, wherever it may be. At night, he’ll want to sleep on the bed with you. Harold would do fine as an only-cat because of his more out-going nature. Buddy is a follower; he needs a leader and looks to his brother to show him what’s what. Harold learns quickly on his own; he knows what ‘no’ means, and respects it; Buddy will watch Harold for instruction. Two siblings, different and similar, both ready for a home.

The boys will be neutered in mid-October. The larger adoption fee in this case includes both Harold and Buddy.