Li'l Lady

One year old
PAW Society
Adoption Fee: 

Li'l Lady and her brothers Buddy and Harold were found at about two weeks of age in an abandoned dump truck after it had been moved. Sadly, efforts to locate their mom were unsuccessful. The three babies were in good condition and joined another couple of orphaned kittens, all needing a nursing mother cat. They were placed with Miss Mew (an owned cat) who had lost her own kittens through an unsuccessful caesarian section. Giving Miss Mew the opportunity to mother these little orphans helped her both physically and emotionally. She was a superb mom to every one of her little adopted charges.

Says her foster mom: "Very pretty little girl. Loves to rough house with her brothers. Gets along well with other younger kitties and cats older than she. Very soft fur, she lives up to her name ‘Lady’ with her exceptional grooming. Not a fussy eater and is not food aggressive. (She doesn’t try to stick her nose in your plate). She likes to watch the world go by from the window, in case she misses something. At night, she heads to the bedroom to be let in, she must sleep in a proper bed at night like all ladies.”