One year old
PAW Society
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Adah was found the day after she was born, separated from her mother in a feral colony. Reunited, her mom still couldn’t take care of her, being far too young herself. Her two siblings died, but Adah is living for them, too, in foster-care - and how she has taken up that challenge! Strong, curious, active, Adah is a beautiful, healthy, white and black girlcat (with a brush of black on her chin). She looks more mature than her four months but has plenty of kitten in her - don’t you worry about that! Her personality is still developing, and you have the chance to be the biggest influence in her life. Play with her - lots! - cuddle with her, talk to her and care for her. You will be HER person. Her best pal is Tucker, a medium-haired black cat about ten or twelve days older. They needn’t be adopted together, but kittens always thrive better when with someone from whom they can learn - and Tucker’s been a wonderful teacher. Adah has a lifetime ahead of her - let her spend it with you!