1.5 years old
Lethbridge PAW Society
Adoption Fee: 

This silver-grey boycat is happy to be in a warm and safe environment. Living as a stray - probably abandoned - Ollie may have been feeling the approaching winter with some trepidation. He’s young, healthy and active, but living outside ages a cat, and his robustness may not have lasted long. Fortunately, he was brought in by a young couple who fostered him. He knows who his friends are: when his people come into a room, Twitch coos and clicks at them, happy to spend time with humans. He’s learned the joys of security indoors: the regular meals, the toys, the chance to play - which he does with energy! He is getting along with the resident cat; indeed, that’s how he introduced himself to his rescuers: he wanted to be pals with their furry boy. But he’s ready for his permanent home - and you can be sure he’ll be thankful for that, too. If you would like to meet Ollie, call PAW at 403-328-6700 or fill out an on-line inquiry at http://www.pawsociety.com/adoptForm.html. Give Ollie the best reason to be grateful: adoption.