Lethbridge PAW Society
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If your path is crossed by a black cat, you’ll suffer bad luck, right? Sure, if you’re texting at the time and not looking where you’re going. Otherwise, Mitsi will be your four-leaf clover, your horseshoe, your winning lottery number – in a furry, black feline form. Yes, she is a senior; she’s seen a lot – but has come through it all in very good health. When she came to PAW, she had exactly one bad tooth. She remains playful, often running about at night. She is interested in what she sees of the great, wide world. Her appetite is very good, and she enjoys a gentle but attentive brushing. And if there’s a lap about, she’ll likely be on it. A cat who is all that certainly hasn’t had bad luck. And Mitsi has brought the people she’s known affection and entertainment. In other words, her good luck rubs off. To meet this purveyor of beneficence, call PAW at 403-328-6700 or visit our website and fill out an on-line inquiry at Mitsi has plenty of luck left to share – let her share it with you.