Morley and Isobel

7 and 3 years old
Lethbridge PAW Society
Adoption Fee: 
Pre-Existing Conditions: 
Bonded pair

Morley was abandoned, dropped out of a car passing through a mobile home park in north Lethbridge in the summer of 2012. At the time, a park resident was caring for a small stray cat colony, providing them with food and shelter and arranging veterinary care; the new boy was attended to as well. One year old Morley did his best to assimilate with the colony cats, but a couple of the mature males perceived him as a threat and Morley suffered several beatings. The PAW Society was asked to add him to our adoptable cats and we are happy to help find this nice boy a permanent home.

We don't use the designation 'bonded pair' without careful consideration. It can take longer to find a home for two; however, for Morley and Isobel, we feel strongly that keeping them together is in their best interests - especially hers. Because she is shy, and that will change as the years go by, we will waive her adoption fee.

Have you ever wished for a soul-mate? Morley could be your dream kitty. He has so many lovely attributes: loyal, kind, gentle and affectionate. "Always needs to rub, touch and burrbles constantly" says his rescuer. He's part of a package deal. He has a bonded friend, Isobel, who is never far from his side (below). Their relationship is very sweet and she doesn't let him out of her sight. Although Morley loves her, he has room in his heart for much more. He'll want to cuddle with you, sleep with you, welcome you home and listen to all you have to say. He is very aware of what's going on in his environment - a very intelligent gentleman to say the least.

And Isobel? She has made leaps and bounds since being rescued in 2016. Just see how relaxed she was to have her new pictures taken! Although initally she may be shy in a new home (many cats are!), we now know she can and will adapt into a new environment. In her foster home, she has turned into a little social butterfly. No longer afraid of humans, she loves to be petted and fussed over. It can take awhile for a little street cat like Isobel to trust, but the bond that is created when they let their guard down is truly lovely. When young Isobel was rescued and placed in a foster home, she met Morley. It was love at first sight! He became her safety net, her everything; where he is, you will find her too. He good-naturedly accepted the responsibility of looking out her and has made her life complete. It's not that Morley could not live without her, it's that she cannot live without him.