Five years old
Lethbridge PAW Society
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You’ve probably heard someone being described as having a ‘strong character’. It usually applies to those who don't waver and are not too worried about what others think of them. Those same characteristics perfectly describe four and a half year old Jerome! He's very good at decision-making and follow-through....and expects to be in charge. He decides when it's lap-time and where and what he wants to do next. He's such an interesting fellow! And even though Jerome has a substantial frame (over 8 KG), his size doesn’t slow him down or keep him in one spot. He loves string-toys, anything that flies in the air or moves on the floor. Here comes Jerome thundering after that sponge ball – best to get out of his way! He has a soft side too, sensitive even, and would do well as an only-cat; as long as there's a person to shadow and games to play, he’ll be a fabulous little friend for the right person. And ask us about how he likes re-arranging his cat-beds at night…